Powershop COVID 19 customer support (

We know every situation will be different, so we have a number of ways we can help and assist with changes in your circumstances from 1 March or as a result of COVID-19. We also have long-held practices and policies in place that enable us to provide flexible financial assistance to individuals and businesses in times of need.

The first thing you should do is get in touch with us early. We have your back and are ready to help for however long it takes.

For eligible residential and business customers some of the options available which will help give you peace of mind include:

  • Access to government grants and concessions for any eligible customers
  • Flexible and extended payment terms and arrangements
  • Tailored payment plans
  • Access to our relief offers
  • Access to additional government and non- government assistance programs
  • Information and tools to assist you in lowering your energy costs

For customers that may have been experiencing difficulties prior to the current COVID – 19 crisis our established Powershop Hardship Program will be best for you. Go to

If you need immediate assistance, please get in touch by phone.

 Free call: 1800 462 668

Skype: powershopaustralia

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