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There is different groups for each state/area

Adopt a Healthcare Worker Victoria

Adopt a Healthcare worker – Tasmania

Adopt a Healthcare Worker – South Brisbane

Adopt a Healthcare Worker – St George & Calvary Hospitals

Adopt a Healthcare worker South Australia

Adopt a Healthcare Worker NSW Regional

Adopt a Healthcare Worker Sydney

Adopt a Healthcare Worker – QLD

Adopt a Healthcare Worker Canberra

Adopt a Healthcare Worker – Port Macquarie

Adopt a Healthcare Worker – South Brisbane

Adopt a Healthcare Worker USA

Let’s support those people who support us.

Currently it looks like our medical system is going to be swamped by COVID-19 patients throughout 2020. For our healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, admin & support staff) this means that they are going to be worked to exhaustion. I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to help on the frontline, but I can run support for those who do!

I propose that everyone who is fit and willing ‘adopts’ a healthcare worker.

What does this mean?

If you know someone who works in healthcare, make a commitment NOW to look after them.

What does this look like?

At the very least, it means checking in with them regularly. Working on the front line is going to take its toll – be there to support them!

Plan with your adoptee NOW.

Find out what will help them to function. Do they need you to prepare some meals they can freeze? Do they need you to pick up or look after their kids? Even if it’s on the one day they get off, so they can catch up on some sleep! Do they need a shoulder to cry on? Someone to scrub their shower because it hasn’t been done in a month?

Talk to them early, because when they really need the help, they might not be in the right space to ask for help.

If we all pitch in, then maybe we can reduce the impact COVID-19 will have on our communities!

Be kind and ‘adopt’ a healthcare worker today!Featured in ABC:

What do you think?

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