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We know the next six months are going to be difficult and what we have done today is announce that through Tafe there are 21 free courses you can do from home to upgrade your skills or to acquire new skills and this is good news.

It means people can start preparing for when these difficult times are over and through Tafe NSW if you pop on to their website you can actually acquire how you can do one of these courses from home and get qualified over a short period of time rather than just if you haven’t got a job or not working from home it is an opportunity for you to upgrade your skills or acquire new skills so you can enter or re-enter the workforce when you finish this difficult time.

Courses currently available on TAFE NSW website –

Develop Administration Skills –

Statement of Attainment in Administration Skills for Team Leaders (900-81041V01)Statement of Attainment in Business Administration Skills (900-81042V01)Statement of Attainment in Executive Assistant Organisational Skills (900-81409V01)Statement of Attainment in Introduction to Accounting (900-80300V01)Statement of Attainment in Complex Word Processing and Spreadsheets (900-81117V01)

Enhance Your Digital Impact

Statement of Attainment in Computing Skills (900-81120V01)Statement of Attainment in eMarketing for Small Business (900-80812V01)Statement of Attainment in Engaging Customers Using Social Media (900-80813V01)Statement of Attainment in Excel Spreadsheets (900-81118V01)Statement of Attainment in Websites for Small Business (900-80814V01)

Grow Health and Medical Knowledge –

Statement of Attainment in Medical Administration Skills (900-81116V01)Statement of Attainment in S2/S3 Pharmacy Training (900-81364V01)

Improve Leadership Performance –

Statement of Attainment in Executive Skills (900-81119V01)Statement of Attainment in Team Leader Skill Set (BSBSS00063R1-V01)

Practical Business Skills –

Statement of Attainment in Computer Applications (900-80675V01)Statement of Attainment in Digital Literacy Skills Set (ICTSS00047R1-V01)Statement of Attainment in Introduction to Word Processing and Spreadsheets (900-81122V01)Statement of Attainment in Introductory Business Skills (900-81044V01)Statement of Attainment in Writing and Presentation Skills (900-81111V01)

EligibilityTo be eligible for a fully subsidised place you must:Live or work in NSWBe an Australian Citizen OR Permanent Resident OR New Zealand Citizen OR Humanitarian visa holderBe over 17 years (people between 15 and 17 may be eligible and should contact us for more information)Have left schoolYou will also need:A Unique Student Identifier (USI)

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